INSURANCE and financial services

Diamond Institute provides personalized attention for each patient based on their specific needs. Health Insurance Providers can create obstacles and/or coverage limitations for treatment of Infertility. We have dedicated insurance coordinators who specialize in understanding your specific health insurance carrier guidelines. At times insurance terminology can be misguiding and vague. We encourage patients to obtain their plan benefits document that illustrate levels of coverage specifically outlining infertility.

Diamond Institute will notify you of any requirements, such as, referral and/or authorization that are outlined in your insurance policy prior to your cycle treatment.

Diamond Institute will schedule individualized financial consultation prior to your treatment start to help you understand coverage, limitations and exclusions based upon the verification obtained from your insurance carrier.
insurance program

ASSISTED REPRODUCTION INSURANCE® PROGRAM for patients with no or partial insurance coverage, a collaboration with New Life Agency, Inc. a Lloyd’s Coverholder, Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy and the Diamond Institute. An Insurance Program with total infertility coverage at the Diamond Institute; an 18 month program to include, infertility treatment (IUI, IVF, and Egg Donation cycles), testing and infertility injectable medication discounts. Unique programs designed to meet your clinical and financial needs; for more information click here

In collaboration with Financial Institutions Diamond Institute can help you customize your financial options based upon your medical treatment plan.

insurance program

FERTILITY FINANCING PROGRAM now provided by New Life Agency, Inc. provides simple, stress free options for all assisted reproduction needs, including surrogacy, and fertility medications through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacies; for more information, download this PDF or click here


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The following is a list of only some of the insurance plans the Diamond Institute participates with. Please call 973-761-5600 to see if your insurance carrier is included in our comprehensive list.